Wireless Motion Detector

Detect potential intrusions in your home thanks to this motion detector.

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Wireless Motion Detector

Detect potential intrusions in your home thanks to this motion detector.

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Wireless Door / Window Contact

This door / window contact triggers the alarm whenever a door or a window is opened.

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Wireless Pet-Immune Motion Detector

Detect humans, not animals. This motion detector will not trigger the alarm when your beloved cats and dogs (under 25kg) move inside your home.

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Long Distance Door / Window Contact

With its antenna, this wireless door / window contact can be installed up to 300m away from the control panel of your system.

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Wireless Smoke Detector

Protect your family and your home with this sensor that will trigger an alarm when smoke is detected.


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RF Remote Control

Arm, disarm or trigger an alarm from distance with this remote control, even from outside your home.

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Disarm your security system by swiping the tag in front of the keypad ES-K1A (sold separately).

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Indoor Siren

This 85dB siren is a perfect match if you want to increase the efficiency of your alarm system in case of intrusion.

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Outdoor Siren

The ES-S7A is an outdoor siren that delivers 100 dB when ringing out. The message will be loud and clear for any potential intruder.

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Outdoor Siren

The ES-S7B is a 95 dB outdoor siren (measured at 1m) which resists to rain and comes with backup batteries.

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Solar Siren

The ES-S8A is an outdoor siren powered by solar energy. It is completely wireless: no need to pull a cable to charge its batteries!

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Wireless Keypad

This wireless keypad enables you to arm, disarm or activate the home mode of you alarm system from another location in your home.

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S4 Combo Secual S4 Combo Vid Secual
Reference S4-C S4-CV
Control panel S4 S4
Motion Detectors x2 x2
Door / Window contacts x2 x2
Remote controls x2 x2
Disarming tags (RFID) x2 x2
Camera (ES-CAM2A) x1
EAN Code 3700649102505 3700649102130


All the support you need for your Secual Box v2.


Communication with control panel

Landline / SIM card
(SIM card sold separately)

GSM Frequency

850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

Radio frequency

433 MHz (±75KHz)

Accessories supported

30 remote controls
50 wireless accessories
50 RFID tags

Phone numbers

5 numbers for phone call alerts
5 numbers for SMS notifications (including one for RFID tag notifications)
(SIM card required for communication by SMS / app)


Recordable voice memo
Arm / disarm the system by SMS, phone call, or application (on iOS or Android)
Can be disarmed by RFID tag
RFID tags can be renamed
Built-in siren (100dB) and call function from the panel
Audio surveillance from distance
SMS alerts for power failure, power recovery and low battery (only if the system is used with a SIM card)

Control panel size

191 x 132 x 28 mm


320 g

AC Adaptor

Input: AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz
Output: DC 12V / 500mA

Lithium batteries

3.7V / 800mAh x 2 (battery backup)

Operational conditions

Temperature: -10ºC ~ 55 ºC
Humidity: ≤80% (non-condensing)


S4-C (S4 Combo Secual)
S4-CV (S4 Combo Vid Secual)


Landline / GSM Alarm System

Protecting your home when you’re away has never been this easy with wireless alarm system. Stay in contact with your home at all time: the whole alarm system can be controlled from distance on your phone, wherever you are.

Connected. Safer.

Stay in touch even without
Internet connection (with a SIM card)

Easy to install. Easy to setup

System installed in a few minutes.
Does not require a professional installer

Connected. Safer.

2 x Lithium-ion backup batteries
Up and running in case of power failure

Wireless accessories

Easy installation everywhere
Secure connection by radio-frequency

Stay in touch by app, SMS…and phone calls

If you are using the Secual Box with a SIM card, your alarm keeps calling you in case something happens…until you pick the phone. That’s probably the most reliable way to make sure you will be informed. (SIM card sold separately)

Build the system you need

Customizable system

You need more sensors, sirens, remote controls? No problem, the S4 control panel supports up to 50 wireless sensors. All the sensors are connected via secure radio-frequency.

Accessible from (almost) anywhere

No data required

You don’t need 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to communicate with your S4 control panel: all communications are made by phone calls or SMS. Think when you’re in the metro or having a weekend away in the countryside. (SIM card required for communication by SMS

Easy to use

Android and iOS apps

The S4 control panel can be set up and controlled via our Android and iOS apps, if you are using the control panel with a SIM card (sold separately).

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